History of New London

The stance on shoemaking that New London Co., Ltd.
continues to be committed has always been the same since 1952.

The history of New London Co., Ltd. started in 1952 as a shoe manufacturer which produced uniform shoes for schools, department stores, and hospital nurses, including the Sacred Heart School.
It was the shoemaking that can be called custom-made, starting from measuring the size of each individual foot.


Comfortable to wear
and the ideal shape for easy walking

"We are particular about wooden molds for Japanese feet and handmade, and deliver shoes that put ease of wear first." We are constantly striving to improve our shoemaking technology while maintaining an unchanging stance since our founding.
As part of the results, we exhibited at the G.D.S. -German shoe trade fair- in 1973.
It was picked up by Italian magazines and received high praise, and has been engaged in sales activities in Europe, mainly in Germany.

Original Brand
Announced "YOSHITO"

In 1998, we announced the original brand "YOSHITO" that was a long-standing ideal form.
In order to achieve comfortable fit and ease of walking, we adopted technologies such as the Bolognese Process and Pratt Process that were learned from shoe manufacturer in Bologna, Italy, in the early 1990s.
By combining the balance of the three elements of "comfort", "design", and "material", we have gained support from many customers as a brand that expresses the femininity with stylish coordination targeting career women with an urban sense.


Inherting craftsmanship

In 2004, the Company established a wholly owned subsidiary in Vietnam.
With the aging of craftsmen, we started to pass on technology and skills in Vietnam in order to develop successors.
We send all leather and materials from Japan, Italy, etc., and carefully make shoes with our quality-first motto.
The final inspection uses an X-ray inspection machine.


Company Profile

Company Name New London Co., Ltd.

Head Office / Sales Department

Excutive Chairman Yoneda, Yoshito
Managing Director Hariya, Ikki
Founding 1952
Location 6-29-7 asakusa, taito-ku, Tokyo Postal code:111-0032
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Phone Number 03-3875-8818(Rep.)
03-5603-6933(Sales Dept.)
Fax Number 03-3875-8824
E-mail yoshito-products

Head Office / Sales Department


Job Designer In charge of new brand
Certification Lady's shoe design experience
Age / Education From 28 to 35 years old / High school diploma and higher
Work location Asakusa Head Office
Treatment Preferential treatment according to our regulations
Application Guidelines Please contact the phone number below and then mail your resume (with your photo attached)
Add: 6-29-7 asakusa, taito-ku,
Tokyo Postal code:111-0032 (Head Office)
Phone Number: 03-3875-8818(Rep.)
Person in charge: Sales Department

If you have any questions regarding above job information, please feel free to contact us.