Commitment to shoemaking

There is a reason for the "comfortable fit" that YOSHITO continues to stick to.

There is a reason for the "comfortable fit"
that YOSHITO continues to stick to.

Commitment to the "enfolding-the -feet" manufacturing process

"The Bolognese Process"

It is a process originated in the Bologna region in Italy, and the cushion material is inserted by sewing the front half of the shoe in a bag shape. It is characterized by the comfort that wraps around the foot and the good curvature of the sole.

"The Pratt Process"

It is a process that the bag shape thing which is sewn up the upper, the insole, and the winding leather together and the cusion material that is inserted in is sewn onto the base of the shoe.
The whole shoe is made into a single bag so that it gives you a soft and light comfort.
YOSHITO mainly uses it for sandals and casual shoes.


Commitment to materials

We use a collection of high-quality materials such as calf, kid goat, and lamb leather that are soft for foot from all over the world, mainly in Italy.
Because of our commitment to the materials, the more you wear Yoshito's shoes, the more they will fit into your feet.


Commitment to quality

YOSHITO's shoemaking is supported by a Vietnamese factory established in 2004.
With the aging of craftsmen, we started to pass on technology and skills in Vietnam in order to develop successors.
Integrated all processes of production such as leather cutting, sewing, bottoming, finishing, inspection, and X-ray inspection, we are working hard on product development every day to make higher quality shoes.
We send all leather and materials from Japan, Italy, etc., and carefully make shoes with our quality-first motto.


Commitment to shoe sole

Leather sole

The leather soles are light and easy to fit.
YOSHITO buys leather directly from Italy and processes it at its own factory.
Although the leather soles are comfortable to wear, they should avoid rain and they tend to wear out quickly. But the leather soles of "YOSHITO" are fitted with rubber so they are more slip resistant than the usual leather ones. They are also harder to wear out. Please try them.

Mold sole

The rubber soles are popular among customers who wear pumps at work and other places.
Hard to wear out and slip resistant, they are very practical.
"YOSHITO" uses a lot of molded soles that match the shapes of the shoes.
Since they are shaped to wrap around in three-dimensional, they support the feet firmly.